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Featured Authors

   Catherine Interlicchio

You can find her book on Amazon here. This is a great book and is recommended for anyone, not just mothers.

Book Description

An honest, humorous, and sometimes slightly sarcastic guide on the mental challenges presented after entering the state of Motherhood.

   William L. Haney Jr.

Book Description

When sad old Babay is forced to sell his pet green monkey Yenah, Marie and her son Sal adopt the monkey and take him home. Surprises abound as Yenah proves not only to be a great pet, but also a magical monkey! With a powerful magic charm and the secret phrase "Go Green Monkey," Sal is given unexpected powers. How will he use his new super powers? Will they make him happy? And will Yenah choose Sal to be a super-kid defender of the world?

You can buy this book here.

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